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Run on the Victoria Embankment in London

5 a.m. and the jetlag continues in London. The Victoria Embankment curves alongside a loop of the Thames in the city center. It’s a nice run in an old city. Lots of architecture from such a variety of historical periods, built over each other like a layer cake. And even better, there are no traffic […]

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From TianAnMen Square to the Tate Modern

Predawn Beijing is quiet. Under the layer of silvery haze, it is clad in the same diffuse light as smoggy Shanghai. “Zui jing shi yin tian.” is the meteorological equivocation from one of my Beijing friends. It’s been cloudy lately. I think that’s simply a euphemism for air pollution. The factories that supply the clamoring […]

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You Are What You Want In Shanghai

“Xiao gu niang, yao bu yao mai yi ba shan?”, asks the wizened little old lady on Nan Jing East Road. She’s clutching a bag full of foldable umbrellas and calling out to the passersby who are hurrying along in the drizzle that promises to turn into a downpour very shortly. She’s like a packet […]

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Visibility in Shanghai

4 a.m. in Shanghai. For the past couple of hours, I’ve been watching barges slinkĀ  down the pitch dark HuangPu river right outside my hotel room window. Now, the sky begins to lighten, although this does not actually presage a visible sunrise, per se. The daytime Shanghainese sky is an unrelenting grey, “the color of […]

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