June 2011 02
5 Dives in the Atlantic
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

  Dive #1 – Low Visibility A blissful weekend of scuba diving awaits. I’m going on a dive holiday to one of the smaller islands that dot the ocean around our main inhabited island. I’m

May 2011 19
Dive Time and Life Timing
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

Went on a night dive to a shipwreck in shallow waters. We enter the water at sunset, lose the sunlight as we descend. One of the guys has a thing for glow sticks, so we’ve

November 2010 16
Breathing Lessons
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

After 3 years in the Caribbean, I’m finally learning to scuba dive. I know, I know. 3 bloody years? I blame my intransigent workaholism. It precludes any sustained period of time spent incommunicado from my