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Cisco Router – Configuring NTP Client and Server

Doc: Great Scott! Jennifer could conceivably encounter her future self! The consequences of that could be disastrous! Marty: Doc, what do you mean? Doc: I foresee two possibilities. One, coming face to face with herself 30 years older would put her into shock and she’d simply pass out. Or two, the encounter could create a […]

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Cisco Router – Configuring Time Manually

Marty: You’re not gonna believe this. We have to go back to 1955 Doc: I don’t believe it! Marty: That’s right, Doc. November 12th, 1955. Doc: Unbelievable that Old Biff could’ve chosen that particular date. It could mean that that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance, almost as if it were […]

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