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The Continuing Adventures of Installing Flash Memory in a Cisco ASA

(This is a follow-up to my last two Cisco ASA-related posts: Removing the Flash Memory from a Cisco ASA 5505 Displaying the Contents of the Cisco ASA Flash Memory ) The superhero origin story so far: I installed a new, blank 8 GB Compact Flash card in my pet ASA, booted the ASA into ROMMON […]

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Loading a Boot Image onto the Cisco ASA 5505 in ROMMON Mode

There’s a 128 MB Compact Flash card that came pre-installed on my Cisco ASA 5505. I’ve swapped it out for a 8GB Kingston card. Completely blank, FAT32 filesystem. I power on the ASA and it cycles endlessly through the boot process because it cannot find a boot image. I hook up my laptop to the […]

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How To Break Into A Cisco ASA If You Do Not Have The Enable Password

From time to time, I get a service call asking me to break into a Cisco router or an ASA or a PIX. In most cases, the device was deployed a long time ago and nobody remembers the password. Or they have a copy of the config but the password was stored in the encrypted […]

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