December 2010 11
OS X Snow Leopard and USB-to-Serial Adapter
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

These days, I’m a network consultant. A post-modern itinerant witch doctor, wandering from village to village to shake my chicken bones over the sick. Unless I’m working on a large project, my day typically involves

November 2010 20
Spamlords vs Cisco CSC-SSM-10
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

Late night with the Cisco CSC-SSM-10 again, and I’m snuffling like a keen beagle through a week’s worth of accumulated spam that has collected into a catchall address. Sweet Jaysus. What is the point of

November 2010 18
Cockblocking with the CSC-SSM-10
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

Late night at home, remoted into a customer’s firewall to do some recreational tweaking of a spam filter. (There’s nothing good on TV except reruns of the Addam’s Family movies from the early 90s, the