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Mixing Medications – A parable for spam filtering

Some ungodly hour in the morning, way before my alarms usually go off. There’s a rebellion going on inside my body, a coup d’état in my own personal Banana Republic. I hear the dull distant roar of my army of white blood cells swarming over some unidentified microbial invaders. Evidently, my guys are using heavy […]

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Breathing Lessons

After 3 years in the Caribbean, I’m finally learning to scuba dive. I know, I know. 3 bloody years? I blame my intransigent workaholism. It precludes any sustained period of time spent incommunicado from my Crackberry-equipped customer base. A bit of an exaggeration, but essentially correct. I am an enabler for the technophages. Maybe I […]

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And the Sky Full of Stars

I have spent this evening at a potluck dinner at a friend’s house. All of us are expats; mostly Asian and European. Most of us work in finance or IT and natter to our fellows in the nigh-impenetrable jargon of our chosen professions. One lady is a visiting friend from Korea who cheerfully  takes photos […]

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