December 2011 16
Cisco ASA – SLA Monitoring
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

SHELDON [Reciting a ditty as he walks down the stairs.] Proxima Centauri’s the nearest star. The celestial bodies that follow are: Alpha Centauri A, Toli, Barnard’s Star, Wolf 359, Laland 21185, Sirius A, Sirius B,

November 2011 13
Cisco PIX – Password Recovery
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

Blast from the past. Sunday morning, recreationally rummaging through a box of old equipment, I find a tiny PIX 501. And it still powers up! This PIX has probably been retired from the field, so

November 2011 11
Cisco ASA – Redundant Default Routes
Posted By : Gom Jabbar

Early November. We are at the tail end of hurricane season in the Caribbean. Last night, I am swaddled in waterproof raingear and Doc Martens, put-putting between customer sites on my little scooter. A tropical