Hey there. Thanks for visiting my self-improvement blog.

So you want a little context, huh? OK.

I am an IT administrator /slash/ auditor. My work and education has taken me to different parts of the world, and I now work in the Caribbean as a consultant. Life is pretty sweet here, and I love my job especially because I get to play with a wide variety of environments every day.

My job mostly consists of problem-solving. Every morning, there is a new Rubik’s cube to wrestle with. I do fairly complex work, and I do it well. But I fear that if I keep doing what is essentially different iterations of the same job, this will lead ever downward into stagnation. My problem-solving skills will wither from disuse. Being so focused on work, I’ve slacked off in some other aspects of my life.

And this is where gomjabbar.com comes into the story. This site is a reminder that I must keep pushing forward; it is a way to override the mental inertia that is bred from self-satisfaction with past accomplishments. I’m aiming for something between a paean to Kierkegaard, and the scoreboard for Tyrone Biggums on Fear Factor.

After years of learning to learn, I think I have found a state of being that makes me happiest: Measurable effort at meaningful self-improvement. I’m going to push myself to improve something about myself every day.

1. It has to be trackable.
2. It has to serve a meaningful purpose. A worthy goal.
3. It has to make me better in some way.

This self-improvement blog is a way to articulate and understand my own motivations. It serves as a structured environment, a means of charting my progress. Positive reinforcement.

Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to comment or contact me at gomjabbar[at]gomjabbar[dot]com